User Rights

Consulting the database is free of charge. However, users cannot claim property rights on the data in any shape or form. The following conditions apply when consulting and using the data:
The information is exclusively designed for personal use and not for commercial purposes. If the data has been useful to your study or publication, we expect you to mention your source.
The consulted data as such cannot be distributed or made available to third parties, in any shape or form or through any medium, or used in compilations, newsletters or announcements, without explicit, prior approval of the department of Economy, Science and Innovation of the Flemish government. This approval is not required by information brokers when consulting the Flemish data on an ad hoc basis, for the benefit of those persons who apply the information solely towards their studies, research or related scientific activities with an explicit reference.
This information service may not be used in order to compile files used to promote products or services other than those related to science. An acknowledgement of the source is required.
Consultation of the site and use of the data is at risk of the user. The department of Economy, Science and Innovation and the information providers disclaim any responsibility in this matter.

You can select the right tab to choose in which way you want to enter the database : by research projects, organisations or persons.

You can opt to search the database or to browse the categories.


After entering one or more search terms (with possible use of a wildcard *), you can narrow your search by selecting an organisation or defining a start and end date. After entering your search term, simply click on “search” or “enter.  The system then will perform a search in the database and return all objects (researchers, projects or organisations) which are matching with the search term.

The results are sorted in alphabetical order. You have also other options to sort: research project in chronological order; organisations on research units or institutions on which they depend; researchers on last name, first name or organisation.
On the result page the system returns by default 20 items, if you would like to see 10, 50 or 500 items on the page, just select 25, 50 or 500 in the selection box.

Click on result as RSS feed, XML or PDF to view the results in the required format.

If you want to see the details of an item just click on the link.


You can browse the database by clicking a theme in the navigition structure above, which will give you the search results of your selection.