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Stipendia Academia Belgica 2017-2018

Jul 5, 2017

The Academia Belgica in Rome
will assign for the academic year 2017-2018
a number of Stipendia Academiae Belgicae
with a duration of one to nine months.

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(Source: FWO)

Database about biodiversity in oceans gets international acclaim

Apr 19, 2017

Read more about the
Ocean Biogeographic
Information System (OBIS)

of IOC-UNESCO, which is
housed in Ostend (Belgium).

New members Young Academy of Flanders

Mar 15, 2017

The Young Academy of Flanders
chose ten new members in 2017:
8 scientists and two artists.
The inauguration takes place
on March 16, 2017.

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(Source: Young Academy)

Lifesaving EVapp project launched in Hoogstraten

Mar 10, 2017


EVapp, which stands for
Emergency Volunteer Application,
is a smartphone application that,
in case of an emergency, mobilizes
trained medical volunteers to overlap
the time between it’s occurrence
and the arrival of the emergency services.

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Taking data protection into a digital and globalised era

Feb 1, 2017

Read the Joint Statement by
Vice-President Ansip and
Commissioner Jourová ahead
of the 2017 Data Protection day.
(Source: European Commission)


VRWI becomes VARIO

Jan 11, 2017

From 1 January 2017 the Flemish
Council for Science and
Innovation (VRWI) will be transformed
into the Flemish Advisory Council
for Innovation and Enterprise.

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No Day of Science without mass experiment!

Nov 23, 2016

This year, all Flemish people
are urged on the Day of Science
Sunday, November 27th to
test how healthy and balanced
their style of life is.
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Merger between centers imec and iMinds completed

Oct 5, 2016

The merger between
research centers imec and iMinds
has been completed. The deed
of merger was officially signed in
Brussels, in the presence of Flemish
minister-president Geert Bourgeois
and Flemish minister for work,
the economy, innovation and sport
Philippe Muyters. iMinds vzw thereby
ceased to exist, but its activities are
making a new start within imec, which
is now stronger than ever as a unique
high-tech research center for the
digital economy.

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LERU: H2020 should focus on innovative collaborative discovery research, not on technology readiness

Sep 21, 2016

Horizon 2020 is focusing too much on
technologies that can be directly
applied. By contrast, there is less
attention for research generating
real discoveries. This what the
League of European Research
Universities (LERU) points out
in a note. In particular, pillars II
and III of Horizon 2020 should
provide more space for
bottom-up research by university
research groups and companies.

Read More (Source: LERU and VRWI)


Flemish government budget for science and innovation increases to historical record in 2016

Jul 27, 2016

Friday 15th of July 2016 the Flemish
government gave its approval to
more than 30 million euro additional
investments in the Flemish science
and innovation policy. Never in the
past more public funds have been
provided. With these efforts, Flemish
Minister of Innovation Philippe Muyters
wants to launch Flanders in the
top 5 of knowledge-intensive
economies by 2020.

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Francqui Prize 2016

Jun 16, 2016

Professor Barbara Baert, full professor
at the research group of Art Sciences of
the KU Leuven is the laureate of the
Francqui Prize 2016.

Read more (Source: Francqui Foundation)

Baillet Latour Grant 2016

Apr 28, 2016

The 2016 Baillet Latour Grant
for Medical Research,
on the theme "Infectious Diseases",
has been awarded to
Dr Mohamed Lamkanfi (UGent/VIB)
for his project “Mechanisms of
inflammasome-induced myeloid cell
death and its role in host defense
against bacterial pathogens”.

Read more (Source: FWO)

imec and iMinds to Merge and Create High-Tech Research Center Driving the Digital Economy

Mar 2, 2016

The leading nanoelectronics research 
center, imec, and digital research and
incubation center, iMinds, today
announced that its respective board
of directors have approved the intention
to merge the research centers.
Using the imec name,
the combined entities will create
a world-class, high-tech research
center for the digital economy.
Read more (Source: imec)

Enterprise Agency and IWT join forces in VLAIO

Jan 22, 2016

Innovation is business and business is innovation. The two reinforce each other. Therefore the Enterprise Agency and the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) join their forces for companies in Flanders.

You can follow all the news closely on their new website.




FWO Excellence Prizes awarded

Dec 16, 2015


Every five years, an international jury awards leading scientists with a sum of 100,000 euros for their research careers. These awards are considered the "Flemish Nobel Prizes". The prestigious FWO Excellence Prizes are awarded in five major scientific domains.

Read more (Dutch only)... (Source: FWO)

Aurora Geerts wins Eos Pipet 2015

Nov 25, 2015

Aurora Geerts (29), a biologist at the University of Leuven (currently working at the University College Ghent)wins the Eos Pipet 2015 . With this award scientific journal Eos honors the most promising young researcher of the year.

Read more (Dutch only)... (Source: Eos Wetenschap)‚Äč

New EWI website

Oct 6, 2015

The department of Economy , Science and Innovation (EWI ) is launching its new website to serve you even better. Through a simple , transparent and accessible navigation , you find the right information in no time.

The Budget Browser Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2015. The Flemish government budget for Economy, Science & Innovation

Aug 19, 2015

The Budget Browser is an annual publication of the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation ( EWI) of the Flemish government and provides an overview of the funds in 2015 both within the Economy, Science and Innovation policy area and on the other hand the budget for science policy across all the policy areas .

Download it here (Dutch only)


Laureates FWO Excellence Awards 2015 are known

Jul 29, 2015

The Board of Directors of FWO has announced the five laureates of the FWO Excellence Awards. Every 5 years, an international jury awards five leading scientists for their research career. The awards are considered as the "Flemish Nobel prizes". 

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(Bron: SIM)

The DUBBLE project celebrates its 15th anniversary

Jun 10, 2015

The DUtch-Belgian BeamLinE (DUBBLE) is a collaborative research group (CRG) at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). They conduct research on an optical measuring device of the stadium big particle accelerator ESRF in Grenoble.

Read more … (Source: ESRF)

More students in science and technology

Apr 28, 2015

To stimulate careers in mathematics, science and technology, the Flemish Government initialized a STEM Action Plan until 2020. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The aim is to attract more young people and motivate them to start scientific and technical studies and professions.

The proportion of STEM students in education rises. More students with a STEM secondary school diploma also flow through to a STEM-direction in higher education.

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 (Source: Cabinet Flemish Minister for Education, April 15, 2015)

Research information, hot off the press!

Mar 6, 2015

The FRIS research portal has been updated with fresh data about research in Flanders. Discover the most recent projects en new talented scientists!


More girls are studying technology

Jan 20, 2015

Significantly more girls find their way to technology studies. Compared to last academic year, there are 15 percent more girls enrolled. Read more … (Dutch only) (Source: Agoria)

Symposium Year of the Brain on 12 December

Dec 8, 2014

Are you fascinated by the interesting world of the brain? On December 12, 2014 the Symposium 'Year of the Brain' takes place in the Flemish Parliament.

FRIS, simple and clear in an infographic

Nov 7, 2014