Departement of French (Research unit)

Id: UG_86

Ghent University

The French department of the Ghent University offers an academic program and professional service that rely on innovative academic research. This research encompasses, as literature is concerned, medieval epic poems, Renaissance poetry and philosophy, literature of the Ancient Régime and contemporary texts. Researchers focus on rhetoric, the relation between literature and science, literary theory, irony and war-literature. Specialists of linguistics at the department focus mainly on history of grammar, syntaxes, pragmatics and semantics of modern French, general linguistics and French as a foreign language. This diverse and multifaceted view on French enables the members of the French department to offer a broad and thoughtful academic program. Hence, they take part in multiple juries and scientific counsels.

Post addresses:

Blandijnberg, 9000 Gent, BE

french, french linguistics
Discipline codes:
    • Philology
      • French language and literature



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