Wireless miniaturized microsystem for Brain STimulation And Recording in small animal models.


KU Leuven

The BrainSTAR project has two major objectives: The first objective is to develop a technologies and a microsystem platform for wireless miniaturized brain stimulation and recording suitable for small animal research and treatment of human neurological and neurodegenerative diseases in a longer run. The second objective is to validate the technologies developed in three different application contexts (basic neuroscience/neurobiology, medical therapies, and pharmacological R&D) and provide feedback to the technology developers. These are ambitious goals requiring a strong multi-disciplinary consortium and an interdisciplinary approach of working closely together, reflected in the project tasks and workpackages.- New therapies for restoration of functional deficits induced by brain lesions;- Betteer understanding of long-term potentiation and drive for microsystem miniaturization towards mice;- Pharmacological research and stress-free small animal monitoring;- Microsystem specificati

1 Jan 2010 → 31 Dec 2013
Brain stimulation Animal models
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    • Psychology


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