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Organisation, policy and social inequalities in health care Vrije Universiteit Brussel

to do multidisiciplinary fundamental and applied (evaluation) research in following domains international comparative health systems research comparative health services research (organisational models and interorganisational networking) the use of technologies in health care socio-economic inequalities in health patient participation knowlegde transfer methodologies between reserach and policymakers focus on innovations in health systems and ...

Parenting and Special Education KU Leuven

RESEARCH ON PROBLEM BEHAVIOR: - Research on the relationship between parenting and the development of antisocial behavior in young children. - Development of instruments to measure coercive parent-child interactions. - Research on different forms of aggressive behavior in children. - Research on developmental trajectories of disruptive behavior in children. RESEARCH ON THE PREVENTION OF CHILD MALTREATMENT: - Development of instruments to ...

Motor skills and Didactics Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The MODI research group aims to unite the expertise on MOTORICS and DIDACTICS present in the BETR and BIOM professions. A central point of departure here is to promote the physical literacy by studying actual and (self) perceived competencies in motion / motorics, pedagogy and didactics, both at the level of the individual, (educational) practice and health policy.