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Human anatomy and embryology University of Antwerp

The laboratory currently characterizes enteric neurons in embryonic and in adult zebrafish. Zebrafish is an excellent model system for the study of developmental disorders, including Hirschsprung disease (HSCR). In the intestines of patients with HSCR, the enteric ganglia are partially or completely absent, leading to motility disorders and chronic constipation, megacolon and eventually enterecolitis. One of the many available mutant zebrafish, ...

Morphology Hasselt University

The research group covers two different areas :
1. Neuroregeneration in the central nervous system (therapies for spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries) - Prof. Hendrix.
2. Dento-maxillo-facial regenerative medicine: neuroregeneration and bone tissue formation using stem cells and implants, analyzed by histological techniques, frontier research by means of multiple high-resolution imaging techniques- Prof. Lambrichts

Biomedical Research Institute Hasselt University


BIOMED is a multidisciplinary institute where fundamental as well as applied scientific research, innovation and education are carried out in a stimulating academic environment within the domain of life sciences.

High quality fundamental and applied research is performed in a limited number of selected core domains relevant to human health and disease. Scientific services are conducted in activity fields closely related to our ...