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Molecular and Physical Plant Physiology Hasselt University


To assess the role played by the endogenous hormone balance on developmental processes, physiological responses are studied of plants, that has been genetically transformed and are characterized by an increased or decreased endogenous cytokinin content. Several plants, each characterized by a specific transformed genetic construction are used. The effect of the transformation (cytokinine- and CKX-plants) is studied on plant development, ...

Zoology: Biodiversity and Toxicology Hasselt University


Invertebrates, and especially freeliving flatworms (Platyhelminthes) are the subject of several research topics:
1. Biodiversity (incl. cryptic biodiversity)
2. Phylogeny and phylogeography based on morphological and molecular markers
3. Effects of pollution (especially heavy metals) on several aspects of the biology of turbellaria: regeneration and stem cell dynamics, life history-parameters, morphology,...
4. Study of ...