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Department of Biomedical Sciences Institute of Tropical Medicine

The Department of Biomedical Sciences consists of three research groups:

  • Protozoology
  • Microbiology
  • Eco-epidemiology

We are recognised around the world as experts on parasites, (myco)bacteria and viruses. Together with our colleagues in the other departments and in collaborative networks outside ITM, we constitute a multi-disciplinary critical mass with direct impact on novel prevention and intervention ...

Forensic Biomedical Sciences KU Leuven


The research of the Forensic Biomedical Sciences group integrates scientific and clinical disciplines within a multidisciplinary program with a focus on forensic genetics, molecular archaeology and forensic medicine.

Institutes supported by the Biomedical Sciences Group KU Leuven


This research unit contains LUCAS, or the Center for Care Research and Consultancy, which mainly conducts research in the following areas: Research on integral care and support, on the quality of care and support, on mental health care, on the care and welfare of specific target groups and on healthcare professionals and well-being.