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ADReM Data Lab (ADReM) University of Antwerp

ADReM focuses on foundational research in the areas of databases, knowledge management, and data mining. Our research entails:- the design of both centralized and distributed database architectures for the scalable support of structured, semi-structured, and graph-oriented data models;- the study of formal query languages for the above data models, as well as the development of efficient processing and query-optimization techniques for ...

Statistics and data analysis University of Antwerp

The need to analyze data occurs in many situations. In the natural sciences, the objective is often to discover structures and underlying patterns. In medical and pharmaceutical work, one wants to determine the most effective drug or treatment. In economics and business one tries to make predictions, as accurately as possible. In computer science and engineering, huge amounts of data need to be analyzed for computer vision, data mining, and ...

Internet Data Lab (IDLab) University of Antwerp

IDLab performs fundamental and applied research on internet technologies and data science. IDLab is a joint research initiative between the University of Antwerp and Ghent University. Within Antwerp, IDLab (85 members) specifically focuses on wireless networking (in collaboration with Ghent) and distributed intelligence. IDLab has a unique research infrastructure used in numerous national and international collaborations. IDLab collaborates ...

Business Informatics Hasselt University


The research group Business Informatics conducts research on decision making in companies, and how modeling data, information and knowledge can support that decision making process. Key words like data mining, ICT management, process mining, process modeling and decision support systems are the focus of this team