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Doctoral Schools Ghent University

Five Doctoral Schools support doctoral students during their research training at Ghent University. The Doctoral Schools organise specialist courses and transferable skills seminars for PhD students.

Centre for Academic Teacher Training KU Leuven

The Centre for Academic Teacher's Training in Religion is doing research on pedagogy and didactics of religion and on the identity of the school from a catholic perspective. The research is on master's level, doctoral level and postdoctoral level and is fundamental, empirical and practical. The Centre organises the teacher's training in religion for the students of the Faulty of Theology and Religious Studies of the KU Leuven.

The ...

Sports Pedagogics and Training Vrije Universiteit Brussel

SPET currently develops research on: 1. The influence of extrinsic video feedback on the motor learning process during the performance of basic gymnastic skills. During the learning of skills we note that certain parts of a movement are performed out of our visual range. In these situations the athlete will only obtain an image of the movement by comparing with performances of others. During the motor learning process, this phenomenon ...

Research Institute: Centre for Environmental Sciences Hasselt University

From the beginning, and also for the future, CMK has opted for a well-considered combination of and symbiosis between high-qualitative fundamental environment-related research and applied research with financing coming from the different money flows (2nd, 3rd, 4th). CMK participates in European framework programmes, in research programmes for international bilateral cooperation, in BOF projects (Special Research Fund), in FWO ...