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Department of Experimental clinical and health psychology Ghent University

Clinical psychology examines the relationship between behavior, cognition and emotion on the one hand, and illness and health on the other. Common problems in children, adolescents or adults such as developmental disorders, anxiety, depression, delinquency,eating disorders, addiction, psychosis, relationship problems and / or sexual problems, are subject of study. Health psychology includes health promotion and psychological intervention in many ...

Department of Experimental psychology Ghent University

Research in experimental psychology focuses on the functioning and the neuronal basis of cognitive and cognition-related processes, such as language, memory and attention. One builds on scientific knowledge of the theoretical basis of cognition and emotional processes in relation to cognition. This basic knowledge is also related to questions within, for example, social psychology, (experimental) psychopathology or health psychology.

Centre for Psychology of Learning and Experimental Psychopathology KU Leuven


Learning and memory processes in psychological function and dysfunction, in particular in relation to anxiety, depression and substance use, including:

  • - Basic and applied research on emotional changes, especially with regard to anxiety and depression.
  • - The role of classical (Pavlovian) conditioning in evaluative processes.
  • - Psychophysiological measurements with computer-assisted data processing.
  • - Basic ...

Experimental and Applied Psychology Vrije Universiteit Brussel

EXTO conducts research in four focused research groups 1) BIPS: Physiology & neuropsychology of sleep, sleeplessness and cognitive performance 2) SOSP: Social cognitive neuroscience The way our brain builds up impressions about other people is a major topic of research at the V.U.B. We make use of the most modern techniques using brain imaging to study this, including ERP and fMRI. 3) COPS: Attention and implicit learning, including: * ...

Laboratory for Experimental Psychology KU Leuven


* Problems concerning knowlegde-based visual information processing: visual extraction of information in situations where much information is available. Equipement for monitoring the eye-movements of a viewer in a free visual field, at a 50 or 1000 Hertz sampling rate. * Artificial intelligence and vision: research on object recognition as embedded in a visual scene. Computational approaches of perception where low and high-level vision are ...