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Grammar and Pragmatics University of Antwerp

The research agenda of Grammar and Pragmatics (GaP) is in full agreement with the general interest for 'Language in Use' that characterizes the research done within the department of Linguistics at the University of Antwerp. GaP unites researchers who share an interest for the study of (linguistic) MEANING in all its forms. Starting point of the research conducted within GaP is the assumption that grammatical knowledge (and linguistic knowledge ...

Formal and Computational Linguistics (ComForT), Leuven KU Leuven


The Research Group conducts theoretical and descriptive research in the fields of formal and computational linguistics, a.o. with a view to its application in language and speech technology. The central aim is to acquire insight into the complexity of linguistic knowledge by studying the formal properties of the structures and rules that constitute the architecture of language and grammar.

The formal modelling of this knowledge ...