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Tropical Medicine

The Unit of Tropical Diseases has for long been part of the Department of Clinical Sciences, under the leading of Prof. Emeritus Jef Van Den Ende. It is led now since November 2012 by Prof. Emmanuel Bottieau (MD internal medicine/infectious diseases). It has strong collaborative links with the other units of the department, in particular the Unit of Travel Medicine, of Tropical Laboratory Medicine and of the recently created Unit of ...

Research Group on Emergency and Disaster Medicine Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The Research Group on Emergency and Disaster Medicine conducts a research program focused on different aspects of both emergency and disaster medicine : * Emergency Medicine: Training, Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement, Information Technology (IT)-applications, Data-management and Process-analysis, Outcome predictors in emergency medicine, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Developments in medical imaging techniques , Patient ...

Laboratory for Systems Medicine KU Leuven

Laboratory for Systems Medicine:

The Systems Medicine Lab at KU Leuven is part of BIO3, which has pillars in GIGA-R at the University of Liège (Belgium) and in the Center for Human Genetics at KU Leuven (Belgium). BIO3's activities take place at the intersection of Biostatistics, Biomedicine and Bioinformatics. The group leader is Professor Dr. Dr. Kristel Van Steen who is an expert in these areas.

BIO3 has built up a recognized ...

Division of Gene Therapy & Regenerative Medicine Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Convincing evidence continues to emerge from clinical trials that gene therapy is yielding therapeutic effects in patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. Moreover. the use of adult stem cells and the reprogramming of cells towards pluripotency are being heralded as some of the most promising developments in regenerative medicine at the forefront of medical innovation. This mirrors worldwide efforts in some of the leading research ...

Faculty of Medicine KU Leuven


The faculty of Medicine is sub-divided in "The Faculty of Medicine Administrative Direction", "Student and Programme Office" "Dean's Office", "Academic Consultants", "Teaching and Learning Office" and "The Alumni".

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Ghent University

The faculty is characterized by a wide range of courses in medicine and health sciences and related research activities. The research at the faculty is very diverse, from fundamental (bio) medical research to translational and clinical scientific research. The faculty profiles itself strongly in the field of research and aims at a high scientific and / or social impact. Valorisation through high-quality translational and clinical research is ...

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences Hasselt University

The Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences wants to train academics who build on the future healthcare. In education, the emphasis is therefore on knowledge and ability, on knowledge and skills. The Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences chooses high-quality fundamental and applied research in a limited number of selected core domains, and believes in the added value of multidisciplinarity. Through active cooperation with the local health ...