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Faculty of Sciences Hasselt University

The Faculty of Science organizes education, research and services within the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics, Statistics and Mathematics. This is done within the academic context and values of Hasselt University. The faculty strives to train students and young researchers in this context to scientists of the future with clear social responsibility. The faculty aims to create an environment in which students, researchers ...

Co-Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (Cosys-Lab) University of Antwerp

The activities of CoSys-Lab are situated in the emerging technologies of ubiquitous systems, ambient intelligence, embedded systems, sensor processing, etc. Our lab addresses software, application and system design in these domains, thereby taking care of the fact that the design of such systems inevitably must comply to constraints such as limited performance, cost, safety, energy consumption, and so on. To focus its research activities, ...

Expertise Centre for Digital Media Hasselt University


The EDM performs research in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with a mind for possible applications in industry or society.

The core competence areas of EDM are:

  • Visual Computing, with special attention to image and video based visualization, modeling, rendering and animation
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), investigating multi-modal interaction in 3D virtual environments, context-sensitive and ...

Computer Science Technology, Ghent and Aalst Technology Campuses KU Leuven

MSEC-DistriNet is active in the domain of distributed applications with a major focus on software security technologies and software for next-generation Internet-of-Things environments. Research focuses on the design, development and analysis of advanced applications and software ecosystems, while closing the gap between academic research and industrial applications. The research group has gained expertise in many key technologies in the ...