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Research Institute Center for Statistics Hasselt University

The scientific research conducted within the Center for Statistics, a division of I-BioStat, is internationally renowned, both for its theoretical as well as for its applied component. Also our education and consultancy records are excellent.
Given the growth of the statistics research group and the desire to unify our teaching, research, and consulting activities, the Center for Statistics (CenStat) has been established.

This ...

Statistics and Risk KU Leuven


Research in the areas of probability, statistics, stochastic processes, information theory, coding theory, numerical mathematics. Collaboration with other sections of the university, in particular engineering, medicine, social science, psychology, actuarial studies. Some current research topics: - Simulation, Monte Carlo methods, queueing theory, networks. - Nonparametric statistics, extreme value theory, insurance math. - Statistical design ...

Centre for Statistics Hasselt University


The Center for Statistics has an international reputation in statistical research (both theoretical and applied). In the domain of mathematical statistics, research is carried out in a.o. the following fields: bootstrap methods, smoothing techniques, censored data, asymptotic theory. Research in applied statistics focuses on biostatistics (longitudinal data analysis, clustered data, missing data, multivariate methods, clinical trials, ...

Statistics and Data Science KU Leuven


The research of this unit focuses on the development of new statistical methods and techniques for data science with special attention on computational statistics, data visualisation, the development of fast algorithms and software, and the investigation of the theoretical properties of the newly developed methods.

Leuven Statistics Research Centre (LStat) KU Leuven

LStat hosts international experts and is a stimulating environment for multidisciplinary statistical research.

LStat is a privileged meeting space for statistics researchers from a range of domains:

  • Biostatistics
  • Social, Behavioural and Educational Statistics
  • Business and Industrial Statistics
  • Statistical Methodology

Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Sciences University of Antwerp

The current research in the department of mathematics, statistics and actuarial sciences can be categorized into four directions, with the following research subjects:Actuarial Sciences and Finance- stochastic models in finance- exact calculations for distributions of actuarial and financial quantities under stochastic interest rates- approximation methods for distributions of actuarial quantities under stochastic interest rates or incomplete ...

Statistics and data analysis University of Antwerp

The need to analyze data occurs in many situations. In the natural sciences, the objective is often to discover structures and underlying patterns. In medical and pharmaceutical work, one wants to determine the most effective drug or treatment. In economics and business one tries to make predictions, as accurately as possible. In computer science and engineering, huge amounts of data need to be analyzed for computer vision, data mining, and ...

Department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Ghent University

The department plays an important role in education at Ghent University and is responsible for teaching more than 100 courses in different faculties. The bachelor's and master's programs Mathematics and Computer Science and the subsequent master's program Statistical data analysis are closely linked to the department. In addition, the department is responsible for a lot of courses taught in other study programs. The research is organised in ...

Research Centre for Operations Research and Statistics (ORSTAT), Leuven KU Leuven

In operations research, a challenging research area is combinatorial optimization. Next to exact methods such as branch-and-bound, branch-and-price, also approximation algorithms are studied. Assignment and scheduling problems, winner determination problems and research on client-oriented vehicle routing problems are some of the subjects under study. Further emphasis is placed on machine scheduling, resource-constrained project planning and ...

Biomedical Statistics and Informatics Vrije Universiteit Brussel


In the area of statistics research is done concerning multivariate statistical methods, in particular cluster analysis, which is the discipline studying methods for finding groups in data. The work done in this study group consists of the development, computer implementation, and application of clustering methods. The study group is also active in collaborative research with other groups of the School of Medicine in the application of ...