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An automated platform for multiparameter data collection on live pathogens of higher or unknown biosafety risk. (CAPS-IT)

Almost every year, known or newly-discovered pathogens with a significant impact on human health grip the worlds' attention. Still, for many, if not most of them, no efficient drugs are currently available, leaving only supportive care to ease the symptoms of the disease. Novel drugs and strategies for the treatment or prevention of infectious diseases can only be discovered and developed by studying and unraveling in detail how viruses replicate, and how bacteria, fungi and parasites multiply.

Research on infectious diseases, in particular those of higher or unknown biosafety risk is subject to strict standards and requires state-of-the-art facilities. The Caps-It research infrastructure is a unique, fully automated instrument configuration that is designed for large-scale, multi-parameter data collection on live infectious agents. The system is fully enclosed in an isolator that meets the best international standards for research on pathogens. As such, the Caps-It research infrastructure will fill an important niche in the international research infrastructure landscape and will help to raise our preparedness in the battle against infectious diseases.

Type: Equipment
Location type: Single sited
Accessibility: Researchers knowledge institutions
In use: 12 May 2017 →  Today
Disciplines: Microbiology, Systems biology, Laboratory medicine
Keywords: infectious diseases