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Analysis, Mathematics in Education

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  31 Dec 2004
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The implementation of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) is proving to be a revolution in education and research, and demands an entirely new approach to reach complete integration. For the treatment of specific problems new modules have to be written in the described CAS environment. Research is done to investigate the extent to which abstract notions can be implemented in a CAS. A CAS system can also be used as a basis for programs and for the teaching of the principles of informatics, and the efficiency of this should be investigated. For educational purposes an interactive interface between user and CAS system has to be developed. Through comparison with control groups which benefited from more traditional education, research is been undertaken on the extent to which this new technology improves the quality of traditional education. This is happening in a school department with large student numbers.

Keywords:Analytische Wiskunde
Disciplines:Mathematical sciences