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Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  31 Dec 2012
Keywords:Marine Geochemistry, Marine System Research, Sequential Extraction Of Trace Metals, Arsenic Speciation, Biogeochemical Cycle Of Carbon, Stable, (Heavy)Metals,Marine & Estuarine Ecology, Marine And Estuarine Ecosystems, Nitrogen Cycling, Air-Sea Exchange, Marine Biochemistry, Acid Rain, Carbon And Nitrogen Cycling, Skeletons As Environmental Recorders, Mercury Cycling, Characterization Of Metals In Sediments, Deposits, Mercury Methylation, Pelagic, Nitrogen Cycle, Phytoplankton, Biogeochemistry, Stable Isotopes,Trace Metals, Stable Carbon And Nitrogen Isotopes, Barium Biogeochemistry, Oceanography, Mercury Methylation, Sediments, Mercury, Global Change Studies, Sequential Extraction Of Sediments
Disciplines:Social sciences, Agricultural, veterinary and food sciences