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Biomaterials - BIOMAT


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1995 →  Today
Organisation profile:


The BIOMAT research group focuses on diverse kinds of biomaterials with orofacial application, and encompasses fundamental material science and biological cell culture, micro-organism and animal research, as well as applied laboratory and clinical research.

Current major research lines include:

  • Biocompatibility and cariogenicity of dental biomaterials
  • Dental adhesive technology
  • Translational research from fundamental material science to clinical trials
  • Dental ceramics as restorative and implant biomaterial
  • Endodontology (including pulp capping, pulp revascularization and regeneration)
  • Mechanobiology in implant dentistry and optimization of implant osseointegration
  • Clinical evaluation of direct, semi-direct and indirect adhesive restorative materials and procedures
  • Clinical studies on oral implant therapy and rehabilitation

More information can be found on https://gbiomed.kuleuven.be/biomat

Keywords:Dental biomaterials, Dentistry