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Biomechanics and Human Biometry


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The main research topics of the department BIOM are: 1. Three-dimensional kinematics of human movements; 2. Biomechanical simulation modelling and optimisation of sports movements; 3. Podiatric biomechanics; 4. Computerised gait analysis; 5. Tracking of health & performance related fitness from adolescence to adulthood; 6. Influence of environmental factors on adult life style; 7. Monitoring fitness & physical activity of Flemish youth and young adults; 8. Longitudinal analysis of human growth and physical performance and their interactions (ages 6-18); 9. Development of new measuring techniques, research designs and software programmes; 10. Development of user-friendly programmes for growth curves modelling; 11. Multigenerational Vegetarian Families Study (MUVEFAST); 12. Growth, development and physical fitness of vegetarians, a prospective study; 13. Nutritional habits, health and fitness of young ballet dancers; 14. Outstanding athletic performances by vegetarians; 15. Determining the locus of sequential effects in serial reaction time-task in the human information processing system; 16. Implicit learning of stimulus or movement sequences in young and other adults; 17. Facilitating stimulus-response processing routes with sequential effects and the Simon effect.

Keywords:Shoe Friction, Artificial Playing Surfaces, Podiatric Biomechanics, Sport Biomechanics, Threedimensional Cinematography, Movement Analysis, Impact Forces, Gait Analysis, Shoe Characteristics, Biomechanical Load
Disciplines:Biomechanics, Public health care, Bioinformatics and computational biology