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Brain, Body and Cognition

Research group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:4 Jul 2018 →  Today
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The BBCO research group focuses its research on the comprehensive study of mental processes and their biological (brain and body) correlates in different domains of human functioning and behavior, such as cognition, social judgment, affect, well-being and sleep. Without doubt, the study of the brain and body, and its related mental processes is at the forefront of current research in many disciplines of psychology. Together with behavioral (experimental – observational) approaches, novel neurobiological methodology are becoming increasingly used in psychological research, and allow unprecedented insights in human mental processes during all brain states (waking, sedation, sleep). These novel techniques include:

(a)     brain imaging techniques (e.g., electroencephalography, functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging),

(b)     (virtual) lesions studies,

(c)     brain stimulations techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) which can be used at the forefront of neural treatment in order to alleviate symptoms of patients with neural or psychological dysfunctions,

(d)     biological measures that investigate the role of the body, including neurotransmitters, hormones and genes on psychological functioning.

It is expected that the field of neurobiology (brain and body) will continue to grow strongly in the coming years by developing more and more advanced applications and theoretical approaches, discovering more about the functions of the brain and body, and hereto unknown neurobiological processes that impact on psychology. Especially the deeper brain areas are still largely unexplored, including the function and structure of the cerebellum, and genetic origins of psychological functions, structures, and pathologies. It is therefore important that this research group responds to this ever-growing evolution with closer and larger collaborations.

Keywords:Body, Brain, Cognition, Neurobiological Psychology, Neurosciences
Disciplines:Biological and physiological psychology, General psychology