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Brussels University Consultation Center

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:6 Oct 2021 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Brussels University Consultation Center (BRUCC) research group has the central aim to conduct high-quality and relevant applied clinical research within mental healthcare. With our research group we aim to build bridges between VUB researchers and applied clinical partners (e.g. UZ Brussels, Brugmann hospital, CGG’s, CAW’s).

Research within BRUCC is centered around three key topics:

  • The development, translation and norming of psychological assessment instruments
  • The identification of community-level at-risk profiles for diverse mental health problems
  • The development and evaluation of innovative psychological and psychotherapeutic interventions

Within BRUCC, research is conducted from an interdisciplinary and multi-method approach, integrating clinical-biological, experimental, qualitative and questionnaire methodologies.

Keywords:Psychological Intervention, Psychological Assessment, Mixed methods
Disciplines:History, Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering, Languages and literary studies, Information and computing sciences, Pedagogical and educational sciences, Political sciences, Applied psychology, Philosophy, ethics and religious studies, Mathematical sciences and statistics, Applied economics, Electrical and electronic engineering, Pharmaceutics, Social sciences, Earth sciences, Urban and regional design, development and planning, General biology, Building engineering, Veterinary medicine