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Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis


Lifecycle:1 Aug 2005 →  31 Mar 2019
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Research topics from this unit are :
Sustainable and Clean Chemistry
Renewable Raw Materials for the Production of Chemicals and Energy
Supercritical Solvents
Catalysis: Heterogeneous
Immobilization of homogeneous catalysis and biocatalysis
Synthesis of catalysts (Layered Double Hydroxides, Zeolites, Mixed Oxides, Carbon Nanotubes)
Surface Analayse: Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Real Time Characterization and Filming of Surface Processes
Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes
High-throughput synthesis, test protocols and analysis
Combinatorial catalysis
Atmospheric Plasma: Treatments of Surfaces and nanoparticle synthesis

Keywords:Surface Chemistry
Disciplines:Analytical chemistry, Macromolecular and materials chemistry