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Communication Sciences


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The department for Communication Sciences (SCOM) consists of three research units: - Centre for Media Sociology (CeMeSo) - Studies on Media Information and Telecommunication (SMIT) - Centre for Marketing Communication Research (MACO) Those research centres are covering five different, but interrelated research angles:

  1. Media sociology (CeMeSo);
  2. Persuasion and Communication (MACO);
  3. Media- and multimedia policy (SMIT);
  4. Culture and Communication (SMIT, CeMeSo);
  5. Politics and Communication (CeMeSo, SMIT, MACO).
Keywords:Information Technologies, Communication Policy, Science Communication, New Media, Cultural theory and policy, Research On Media Effects, Ethnicity, Privacy
Disciplines:Communication sciences