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Department of Philosophy and moral sciences


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1993 →  Today
Organisation profile:The Department of Philosophy and Moral Science carries out research in three areas: (1) Logic, knowledge and philosophy of science: specific scientific philosophical problems in the various scientific disciplines (biology, biomedical sciences, history, psychology, social sciences, mathematics), and development / application of formal logic systems. (2) Theoretical and practical ethics and philosophical anthropology: research into moral epistemology, moral emotions, the origin of moral judgments, and the acceptance of evolution theory, and research within the various areas of bioethics, the sexual and relationship ethics and economic and social ethics. (3) History of philosophy: interwoven with research into the history of Christianity (especially in the ancient and medieval period) and to the history of the sciences (especially in modern times).
Keywords:Wijsbegeerte, Moraalwetenschap
Disciplines:Philosophy, Ethics