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Department of Public Health and Primary Care


Main organisation:Biomedical Sciences Group
Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977  →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Department of Public Health and Primary Care is a multidisciplinary department with a focus on community health, best practice and health policy. The department aims at supplying health care professionals and institutions with the insights, concepts and techniques that will enable them to respond optimally to the health needs and expectations of patient and society. The department endorses the international research and policy priority of ‘Living well with chronic illness’ by building on existing, productive research programs among various disciplines.

The Department consists of 9 research units: Environment and Health; Academic Centre for Nursing and Midwifery; Academic centre for General Practise; Leuven Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics Centre; Interfaculty Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law; Emergency Medicine; Biomedical Quality Assurance Research Unit; Epidemiology Research Group; Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy;

Keywords:Public health
Disciplines:Public health care, Education curriculum, Social medical sciences