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Main organisation:Flanders Make
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Demand for customised production is rising dramatically, and introducing a single product to market is no longer enough. Using model-based design methods and supporting software, we help developers improve the increasingly-complex design process. An entire product family is expected from the outset. This is only possible if the design process is aligned accordingly, right from the very first phase. After all, the further you are into the design process, the more expensive and time-consuming it is to implement any changes.

Specific tools give designers near-instant insight into the different possible concepts and optimal design choices. We also offer support for production environments, in which we take the impact of production on the design into account.

More: https://www.flandersmake.be/en/research/design-optimisation

Keywords:Developers of cyber-physical systems, Developers of assembly solutions, Suppliers of software tools and engineering services
Disciplines:Modelling, Design theories and methods, Safety engineering, Coding tools and techniques, testing and debugging, Language design, constructs and features, Language processors , Software engineering , Modelling and simulation, Wireless communication and positioning systems, Automation and control systems, Robotics and automatic control, Digital integrated circuits, Electronic circuit and system reliability, Embedded systems, Signal processing, Audio and speech processing, Smart sensors, Computer aided engineering, simulation and design , Control engineering, Acoustics, noise and vibration engineering, Computers and logic systems, Field and service robotics, Mobile and distributed robotics, Motion planning and control, Physical system modelling, Robotic systems architectures and programming, Sensing, estimation and actuating, Signals and systems, Software and data acquisition, Computer architecture and organisation, Electronic design, Input, output and data devices, Performance evaluation, testing and simulation of reliability, Automation, feedback control and robotics , Systems theory, modelling and identification , Analogue and digital signal processing, Motion capturing, Sound, Automotive engineering, Ecodesign, Mechanical drive systems, Smart lightweight structures, Design theories and methods not elsewhere classified, Manufacturing engineering, Manufacturing systems, Mechanics, Continuum mechanics, Dynamics, vibration and vibration control, Kinematics and dynamics, Mechanics not elsewhere classified, Mechatronics and robotics, Robot structures, Composites and hybrid materials, Materials science and engineering, Computational materials science, Destructive and non-destructive testing of materials, Functionalisation of materials, Metamaterials, Polymeric materials, Polymer processing, Polymers and plastics, Scientific computing, High performance computing, Mathematical software, Numerical computation, Symbolic computing, Product development, Human-centered design, Systems design