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Earth System Sciences

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:3 Dec 2008 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The research is essentially focused on the physical environment of the Earth, its evoluation through time, and the interactions between the biosfere and the geosphere; The group carries out active research on a variety of themes: global changes, geosciences, physical geography, hydrology, archeology, oceanography biogeochemistry, remote sensing, geophysics. The accent is on two scientific approaches modeling and isotopic analyses.

Keywords:Tracers, Geoarcheology, Biogeochemistry, Climate, (Paleo)Environment, Remote sensing, Global Change, Material analysis, Hydrology, Glaciology, Cartography, Geographic Information Systems
Disciplines:Environmental science and management, Geomatic engineering, Sustainable and environmental engineering, Archaeology, History, Landscape architecture, Theory and methodology of archaeology, Geotechnical and environmental engineering, Oceanography, Evolutionary biology , Geophysics, Geology, Astronomy and space sciences, Geochemistry, Urban and regional design, development and planning, Physical geography and environmental geoscience