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Electronics and Informatics


Main organisation:Faculty of Engineering
Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  Today
Organisation profile:

ETRO (Electronics and Information Processing) focuses on three major topics: devices and electronic technology (LAMI) on the one hand, and on the other hand the processing of information through electronic means in fields related to digital images and video (IRIS) and speech (DSSP). 1. IRIS studies how to map image processing algorithms on appropriate architectures for efficient implementation, image and video compression, data visualisation, pattern recognition, tracking based on visual cues and various aspects of machine vision in applications like satellite image analysis, medical imaging, industrial visual inspection, anti-personnel mine detection. 2. DSSP studies the analysis, modification, and (re-)synthesis of acoustic speech signals by digital processing equipment. It deals with diverse fields, among which are digital signal processing, pattern recognition, phonetics and software/hardware development. 3. In micro-electronic technology research (LAMI), the emphasis of the research is on optical/electrical interconnect technology, new opto-electronic/electronic devices and the design of mixed analog/digital circuits. Together, the three subunits within ETRO are covering a wide range of generic technologies in the field of Information Technology, which cannot be dealt with separately when the real world applications of the 'information society' are envisaged.

Keywords:Numerical Linear Algebra, Digital Image Processing, Low Power Cmos, Embedded System Design, Image Reconstruction, Displays, Audio Processing, Micro-Electronics Technology, Light Detectors, Sige Bicmos Design, Satellite Image Analysis, Telemedicine, Medical Image Analysis, Inverse Problems, Video Compression, JPEGx, Neural Networks, Mine Detection, Vision, Digital Signal Processing, Electronic System Design, Machine Vision, Micro Electronics, Cmos Design, Chip Interconnects (Inter / Intra), Humanitarian Demining, Speech Processing, Mpegx, Light Emitters, Pattern Recognition, Mm-Wave Technology, Robot Vision, Impedance Tomography, Image Compression, Light Modulators, Opto-Electronics, Motion Estimation And Tracking, Medical Image Visualization, Computer Aided Electronic Design, Multispectral Image Analysis, Electronics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Image Analysis, Industrial Visual Inspection
Disciplines:Electronics, Materials science and engineering, Biological system engineering, Nanotechnology, Multimedia processing, Classical physics