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ESAT - ELECTA, Electrical Energy and Computer Architectures


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1998 →  31 Jul 2020
Organisation profile:

The research domain of the ELECTA division covers the broad spectrum of electrical energy systems. The development of the future smart grid is a key activity. As the largest research group on electrical energy systems in the Benelux, ELECTA wants to be recognized as a centre-of-excellence on these topics, where fundamental research is combined with immediately and prospectively applicable solutions for the industry. Alongside this development of know-how, it is important is to share gained knowledge with the academic community, students, industry and the society as a whole. Electa is also co-founder of the knowledge center EnergyVille

Keywords:Electrical energy, distributed energy source, renewable energy, microgrid, distributed energy sources, control, HVDC, power systems, Smart grids
Disciplines:Modelling, Electrical power engineering, Energy generation, conversion and storage engineering, Other engineering and technology, Control systems, robotics and automation, Infrastructure, transport and mobility engineering