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ESAT- TELEMIC, Telecommunications and Microwaves


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1998 →  31 Jul 2020
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TELEMIC = TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND MICROWAVES Microwave antennas: analysis and design of microstrip antennas and arrays with a number of distinct numerical models. Applications in radar and satellite communication systems. Antenna measurements and measurement techniques. Microwave circuits : MICs and MMICs for telecommunication systems (e.g. satellite and mobile communications). Study and design of amplifiers, low-noise circuits, mixers, multipliers, oscillators, phase-shifters, switches, active antennas, high-Tc superconducting circuits. Radiopropagation: modeling and simulation of radiopropagation in HF, VHF and UHF-frequency bands. Study of telecommunications systems. Wireless ATM.

Keywords:Antennas, Microwave power, HF, Microwaves, Microstrip antennas, MMIC, Microwave circuits, Telecommunication
Disciplines:Nanotechnology, Design theories and methods, Communications, Communications technology