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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration


Main organisation:Ghent University
Lifecycle:1 Jan 1906 →  Today
Organisation profile:In terms of research the faculty of Economics and Business Administration developed very well since the beginning of this century. Thanks to the Committee Scientific Research the fundamental and applied scientific research resulted in qualitative, peer-reviewed national and international publications. Typically for the U+2018Economists in GhentU+2019, the faculty pursues a high social relevance. The faculty has specialized itself in economic research in the field of labor economics and prosperity, banking and finance, macroeconomics and policy, international economics and econometrics over the last two decades. In business economics, strong research groups have grown around marketing and marketing modeling, accounting and (entrepreneurial) finance, operations research and operations management, business informatics, entrepreneurship and innovation, service management and human resource management and organization. The integration of the academic programmes Business Administration and Public Administration and Management initiated growing research activity on public management and administration.
Keywords:Bedrijfskunde, Economie
Disciplines:Applied economics, Business administration and accounting, Macroeconomics and monetary economics