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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


Main organisation:Ghent University
Lifecycle:9 Oct 1817 →  Today
Organisation profile:The faculty is characterized by a wide range of courses in medicine and health sciences and related research activities. The research at the faculty is very diverse, from fundamental (bio) medical research to translational and clinical scientific research. The faculty profiles itself strongly in the field of research and aims at a high scientific and / or social impact. Valorisation through high-quality translational and clinical research is therefore an important core task of our faculty. We also raise our research to a higher level through an open culture of collaboration and sharing knowledge within a dynamic and efficient research environment. Here, proactive recruitment of research funding is crucial for the continued existence of the research. Talent is recognized and can develop into excellent researchers who remain ambitious and motivated. Education and research are closely linked with the formation of critical Evidence Based scientists. A focused communication and high visibility of the research facilitates interaction and cohesion between all stakeholders. Within this vision, the faculty and UZ Gent are unmistakable partners.
Keywords:Gezondheidswetenschappen, Geneeskunde
Disciplines:Palliative care and end-of-life care, Laboratory medicine, Other translational sciences, Regenerative medicine, Nursing, Other clinical sciences, Other basic sciences, Other paramedical sciences, Other health sciences, Other medical and health sciences