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Meise Botanic Garden

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1870 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Meise Botanic Garden is a centre of excellence for botanical and horticultural science, plant conservation, and education. With a herbarium collection of circa 4 million specimens and a living collection of nearly 25,000 accessions, the BGM is ranked among the largest botanic gardens in the world.
The science at the Garden centres on collection-based studies of plant diversity, evolution and ecology, spanning a wide array of taxonomic groups and geographic areas. The fundamental research of the Garden forms a platform for plant conservation and sustainable development, in close collaboration with other botanic gardens and conservation organisations. Finally, the BGM is dedicated to share its knowledge on plants and their environment to the research community, stakeholders, students and the general public.

Keywords:Rubiaceae, Balsaminaceae, phylogenetics, Musaceae, Poaceae, diatoms, Bacillariophyceae, green algae, Chlorophyta, Fungi, lichens, Myxomycetes, biogeography, historical biogeography, phylogeography, molecular phylogenetics, history of botanical research