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Lifecycle:1 Oct 1969 →  Today
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The department Pharmacology is mainly developing research activities in the domain of Neuro-immuno-endocrinology: 1. Development and differentiation of pituitary cells; 2. Regulation and quantification of PRL gene expression, transcription, translation; 3. Purification and characterisation of PRL cell (sub) populations; 4. Pathogenesis of pituitary gland tumours; 5. Role of PRL and GH in the lymphohemopoietic system. 6. PRL receptor signalling; termination of signalling 7. PRL gene regulation in the lymphohemopoietic system 8. Molecular cloning of transcription factors. 9. Signaltransduction and effects of IGF-I on apoptosis and cytokine production in the immune system.

Keywords:Pituitary Tumors, Hypophyse,, Gene Regulation, IGF-1, Prolactin, PRL-R signalling pathways, In Situ Hybridization, Lymphohemopoietic System, Dopamine, Endocrinology, PRL isoforms, PRL gene regulation, termination of signalling, CIS and SOCS molecules, PRL-R pathways, PRL, Growth Hormone
Disciplines:Morphological sciences, Systems biology, Medical biochemistry and metabolism