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Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977  →  Today
Organisation profile:

1. Experimental radiology : - Radiological study of the microvascularisation of normal and pathological tissues by microfocus microangiographic techniques. 2. Computerized Tomography : - Volumetric spiral Computerized Tomography - Three dimensional imaging - High resolution Computerized Tomography of the lung -Geological applications 3. Contrast agents : - Pharmacodynamics of experimental contrast agents for Magnetic resonance in normal and pathological tissues - animal experimentation. 4. Magnetic Resonance : - Functional brain imaging - Magnetic resonance angiography - Functional cardiac imaging - In vivo spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging at 1.5 Tesla - Analysis and correction of image distortion 5. Image processing : - 3-Dimensional display, stereotactic workstation - Stereolithography - Digital radiology 6. Ultrasound : - Intravascular ultrasound 7. Simultaneous radioscopic and manometric registration during the study of swallowing and defecation act.

Keywords:Experimental radiology, Contrast agents, Ultrasound, Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, Image Processing
Disciplines:Medical imaging and therapy, Other paramedical sciences