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Research Group for Adapted Physical Activity and Psychomotor Rehabilitation


Lifecycle:1 Oct 1997 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The aim of the Adapted Physical Activity (APA) research unit consists of the study of the relationship ‘impairment – activity’ in the continuum from rehabilitation to elite sports. Minimizing the impact of impairment on activity will enlarge the social range of action (rehabilitation) and provide a solid basis for fair sports classification (elite sports). Future research of the APA unit is embedded in international research projects optimizing the outcome of rehabilitation and developing evidence-based classification systems for people with neuromusculoskeletal or intellectual disabilities. 
The Psychomotor Rehabilitation (PMR) research unit aims to study personal functioning in mental health care (children, adults and elderly- and in the analysis of physical, activity in relation to cognitive and socio-affective dimensions. Further research is oriented towards motor development, physical activity and physical fitness in persons with mental health problems. As no ‘health’ exists without ‘mental health’ and no mental health without ‘physical activity’, there are many opportunities for growth of this research area. 

Keywords:Physical education
Disciplines:Orthopaedics, Human movement and sports sciences, Rehabilitation sciences