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Sports Pedagogics and Training

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970  →  31 Dec 2004
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SPET currently develops research on: 1. The influence of extrinsic video feedback on the motor learning process during the performance of basic gymnastic skills. During the learning of skills we note that certain parts of a movement are performed out of our visual range. In these situations the athlete will only obtain an image of the movement by comparing with performances of others. During the motor learning process, this phenomenon frequently leads to an incorrect association between the image of the movement and the experienced kinesthesis (= awareness of muscle movement). Our goal is to evaluate if immediate video feedback during the performance of the movement -athlete obtains full visual control- will have a positive outcome on the motor learning process. 2. Computer Assisted Scouting and Match/game Analysis System (CASMAS). The observation of motor behaviour in different sports has been the aim of our research since over a decade. The used methodology can be applied in many domains. Teachers, coaches, trainers, doctors and physiotherapists are acquiring during their curriculum a specific observation method, known as Notational Analysis. Several aspects of the game have been explored using the CASMAS system, a scouting system developed in the last decade. Many analyses have been made at the level of the individual athlete as well as the team. The future development of CASMAS and its application in different sports inserts in the development of a scientific basis for the training and coaching aspects of the sports world. Player profiles, performance parameters and game efficiency are part of the daily scientific work upon the motor behaviour of the sports athletes. 3. The influence of different feedback systems on the acquisition of gymnastic skills. 4. The time of information processing of visual stimuli by P300 visual technic (in coop. with Univ. of Porto). 5. Research on different sport specific characteristics during the performance of gymnastic skills. The performance of several gymnastic skills are associated with the trainingmethodology, fysiological and morfological aspects by means of field tests.

Disciplines:Pedagogical and educational sciences