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Theoretical Physics

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Main research subjects are: 1. Aspects of non-lineair dynamics: - integrability and chaos - Direct methods for the investigation of integrable and nearly integrable systems; - Analysis of integrable hierarchies and their reductions; - Spectral decomposition of chaotic maps, perturbations of integrable maps involving transition to chaos. 2. Elementary particle physics beyond the standard model: from supersymmetry to strings - Study of supersprings and unification theories; - Quantum gravity. 3. Quantum Theory and irreversibility - Relativistic quantum mechanics of several particles (few body problems) with applications to atom and subatomic physics (quark models); - Description of quantum unstable systems (resonances) in appropriate functional spaces. Origin of intrinsic irreversibility (extended Schrödinger evolution); - Quantum cryptography. 4. Aspects of theoretical nuclear and molecular physics - Collective and cluster effects in reactions with light nuclei; - algebraic method for quantum scattering and reaction theory; - Molecular dynamics in the presence of strong laser fields.

Keywords:Quantum Mechanics, Dynamical Systems, Information Theory, Field Theory, Elementary Particles, Unstable Systems, Relativity, Inverse Problems, Non-Linearity, Irreversibility
Disciplines:Classical physics, Elementary particle and high energy physics