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Translational Cell & Tissue Research


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1995 →  Today
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Using a large panel of classical morphological techniques incl. enzyme- andimmunohistochemistry, as well as more advanced molecular techniques on tissue sections, we investigate the histology & the function of a variety of human tissues in normal & in pathological conditions.Throughout these research activities we attempt to optimise the available morphological techniques for light microscopy, electron microscopy, incl. transmission & scanning microscopy, & confocal microscopy. In addition particular effort is devoted to the development of specific protocols that will allow the application of recently developed molecular techniques on DNA and RNA extracted from frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Moreover, through thorough elaboration of these applications it should be feasible to investigate the genetic contents of selected areas & single cells isolated from these sections.Implementing the immunomorphological and molecular tools outlined above, our department focuses on the following research topics. 1. The role of neuro-endocrine cells and neuro-epithelial bodies in the airway mucosa. 2. The morphological alterations in the blood vessel wall triggered by the implantation of various coated and uncoated stents. 3.a) The development of bileducts during various processes, incl intra- & extra-hepatic cholestasis & the regeneration of liver parenchyma with special emphasis on the role of the hepatic stem cells in this repair process. b) the pathogenesis of viral hepatitis & the oncogenic effect of this infection. 4. The functional histology of lymphoid tissue in reactive and neoplastic conditions. 5. A comprehensive study on myelodysplasia. 6. Tumour progression in melanocytic lesions. 7. Benign and malignant soft tissue tumours. 8. An immunomorphological study of the gastro-intestinal tract in specified pathologic conditions. 9. The pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis.

Keywords:Human tissues, Electronmicroscopy, Cancer, Histopathology, Molecular analysis, Immunopathology, Inflammatory disorders
Disciplines:Morphological sciences, Laboratory medicine, Macromolecular and materials chemistry