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UHasselt Research on Innovative and Society-engaged Education

Research Group

Main organisation:Educational Studies
Lifecycle:1 Feb 2014 →  Today
Organisation profile:
  1. Education research at university level with attention for:
    • the development of high quality curricula
    • the understanding of the learning process of students and the mutual influence of educational and learning contexts (included the problem of the passage high school-university)
    • the development of high quality evaluation tools for both student and teacher performances
  2. Projects in collaboration with the faculties
  3. Integration of ICT in education, included distance learning and the development of a digital campus
  4. International fund raising
  5. Valorisation of education research
Keywords:blended learning, competences, skills, education sciences, evaluation, high potential, higher education, pedagogy, portfolio, study success
Disciplines:Education curriculum, Education systems, Instructional sciences