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Method for identifying internal parameter of an egg

An active thermography method for identifying at least one internal or subsurface parameter of at least one egg is disclosed. The method comprises thermally exciting at least a surface of the at least one egg with a means for excitation such that the egg is provided in a non-equilibrium thermal condition for a non-equilibrium period having duration ttransient; obtaining a thermogram at a plurality of time intervals (N) of the at least one egg in during the non-equilibrium period, resulting in N thermograms; determining at least one parameter in dependence upon the N thermograms; and identifying the at least one internal or subsurface quality parameter of the at least one egg based on the at least one parameter.
Patent Publication Number: WO2020115316
Source: WIPO
Year filing: 2019
Year publication: 2020
Status: Requested
Technology domains: Computer technology, Measurement, Analysis of biological materials, Other special machines
Validated for IOF-key: Yes