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3if.eu - Industrial Internet, Industrial IoT & Industry4.0 in Flanders  (3if)

3IF.eu is the digital transformation initiative towards Industry4.0 for manufacturing and production companies in Flanders, and the organization supporting innovative developments in Industrial IoT towards technology and services providers. 3if.eu provides collective advisory on the challenges and opportunities related to Industry4.0 and Industrial IoT. It directly supports SME manufacturing companies with targeted advice and supporting documentation. It collects use cases locally and internationally on best practices in all Industry4.0 domains. 3if.eu provides training in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and France on Industry4.0 transformation, cloud and information security. 3if.eu organizes the annual 3if.eu conference bringing together end users, technology providers, policy makers and best practices for Factories of the Future. 3If.eu is involved in Connected Factories I & II and is the Flanders Digital Innovation Hub. It participates as cybersecurity expert in the DIH Trinity project. 
Date:1 May 2015 →  30 Apr 2019
Keywords:industry4.0, digital transformation, innovation, cybersecurity, horizontal & vertical integration, lot size one, factories of the future, digital production, discrete manufacturing, connected factories, condition based maintenance, industrial data space, industrial data, process manufacturing
Disciplines:Communications, Communications technology, Control systems, robotics and automation, Sensors, biosensors and smart sensors, Power electronics, Economic development, innovation, technological change and growth, Manufacturing engineering, Design theories and methods, Marketing, Information law
Project type:Collaboration project