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Accounting research in private firms, connecting the lone wolves (R-9693)

Contrary to what academic research has long assumed, shareholders and potential investors are not always able to obtain reliable financial information from private companies directly. Since this might prevent them from investing in these companies, financial reporting is also essential for this group of companies. Given the large share of non-listed companies in our economy, academic research in this field is very relevant. However, up to now mainly individual researchers focused on this research domain, which puts a brake on the challenges that are being faced. With this scientific research community, a first step is taken to bring lonely wolves within the accounting domain together in order to set up (inter) national collaborations that enable us to meet the challenges as a group. This scientific research group focuses specifically on the following research challenges: 1) The development of a broad theoretical framework on the role of accounting in private companies; 2) The development of a conceptual model on how management, the board of directors, shareholders and other stakeholders interact with the accountant and / or auditor; 3) Building a unique, international database with financial, ownership and accounting data of private companies.
Date:1 Jan 2019  →  Today
Keywords:accounting and auditing, corporate governance, Private family firms
Disciplines:Accounting and auditing