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Augustinian Pedagogy and its Relevance for the Augustinian Mission in Francophone Africa: Areas and Challenges of Inculturation for the 21st Century

This research project is intended as a quest for an African contextual theology of education inspired by Augustine, such that will portray contemporary relevance of Augustinian pedagogy. This notion of Augustinian pedagogy has at least two meanings: firstly it refers to a set of Augustinian thoughts on education, and secondly to a set of educational principles, essentially systematized in Augustinian circles based on the life, works, and traditions around Augustine. The anticipated desire is to identify the extent that Augustinian pedagogy is thought out and intended for the management of Augustinian school structures. The ambition of this present research work is to question, starting from the concrete framework of the Augustinian missions in French-speaking Africa, the new places of application of this pedagogy. The final aim is to bring out a new human relevance of Augustinian thought for our contemporary society, which is in mutation and search for a haven of happiness, truth, and wisdom.
Date:1 Oct 2021 →  Today
Keywords:St. Augustine, Order of St. Augustine, Mission, Francophone Africa
Disciplines:History of religions, churches and theology, Religion and society
Project type:PhD project