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Biobased Pet Foods (BIOPET)

General introduction

The production of customized, sustainable feed and food ingredients (fats) through precision fermentation requires a smart microbial platform in which different disciplines work together. This is what is being developed with the BIOPET project. The goal is to bring together different branches of the chemical and biological sciences in this platform, including microbiology, bioinformatics, biochemical refining, synthetic biology, process engineering and food technology.  

Research approach

ILVO mainly positions itself as an expert in the characterization, delivery and processes of by-products, as potential feedstock for fermentation. In addition, a protocol is being finalized to extract fats and apply them in dairy alternatives. Finally, ILVO is also bringing its expertise in terms of LCA analysis to the platform. Interactions with stakeholders are conducted in collaboration with The ProteInn Club, which ILVO helped to found. 


The research strategy is designed to enable an efficient, iterative process so that research results can be rapidly converted into applications. The focus of BIOPET is on food (human and pet), but it will also pave the way for the use of similar platforms for the sustainable production of other oleochemicals, including biofuels, pharmaceuticals and chemical building blocks.

Date:1 Dec 2023 →  Today
Disciplines:Food chemistry, Food technology, Instrumental methods, Food and additive engineering
Project type:Collaboration project