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Biological evaluation of cancer-associated macrophages and MDSC targeting by nanomaterials for enhanced immunotherapy

The use of nanomaterials in biomedical applications is vastly increasing, where the main focus lies on the use of various types of nanomaterials for cancer therapy. Here, we aim to exploit the potential of nanomaterials to targeted tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) or MDSCs and result in their specific destruction by means of various therapies: - generation of luminescent probes for high-throughput in vitro immunotoxicity screening of different nanoformulations - generation of MDSC and macrophage-specific optical marker for in vitro analysis of cell-cell interactions in 3D spheroids - Evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of nanoparticles against the TAMs or MDSC in vitro and evaluate potency of T cell and NK cell activation upon NP activation by means of hyperthermia, or STAT3 inhibition (STAT3 PPRHs) - Evaluation specific uptake of NPs by TAMs or MDSC by coupling to HDL proteins, CD11b antibody or CD220 peptide. - Evaluation of NP targeting in vivo - Evaluation of NP therapy in vivo and optimization of immunotherapy conditions based on short-lived eradication of MDSCs in vivo

Date:23 Sep 2020 →  Today
Keywords:MDSC, nanomaterial, immunotherapy, nanoparticle
Disciplines:Medical biotechnology not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project