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Bridging grant as cofinancing with the extern funded project AMUSED: Adherence by MUSic to Exercise in Dementia (R-12739)

Moderate intense physical exercise has a beneficial effect in individuals with dementia on physical function, cognition and Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia. Adherence and motivation to exercise appears to be very low in individuals with Dementia living in nursing homes. This AMusED-project (Adherence by MUSic to Exercise in Dementia) aims to increase the adherence and training volume in individuals with dementia living in nursing homes up to levels meeting the recommendations for moderate-intense aerobic and strength exercise, without burdening the healthcare staff. Because music can play an important motivational role in exercise, we will evaluate two novel interventions, adapted to the specific interest of the individuals, to enhance physical activity in individuals with Dementia living in nursing homes. Study 1 will identify the effect of a music and video based group exercise program versus usual care in older adults with moderate dementia. Study 2 will determine the effect of music as a biofeedback system and motivational factor on exercise volume during moderate intense aerobic exercises on a stationary bike.
Date:16 Apr 2025 →  Today
Disciplines:Geriatrics, Exercise physiology, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Music therapy