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Chemically modified polysaccharides (CMP) coatings for site-specific drug delivery to the colon

Drug delivery systems that enable drug release in the colon have gained immense importance due to the recent increase in colonic diseases. The studies that have been made regarding this topic showed the effectiveness of polysaccharides-based systems. The main reason for the usage of a polysaccharide-based delivery system for the colon is the containment of polysaccharides in the colon where many enzymes can be secreted by a large number and variety of bacteria in. A further reason for the use of polysaccharides in drug delivery systems is that they are stable, non-toxic, hydrophilic, biodegradable and easily modified. And it was displayed that effective modification approaches for colon targeted drug delivery are based on parameters such as pH dependence, enzyme sensitivity etc. Due to the success of polysaccharide in this specific area, the doctoral project is going to be oriented around the development of a universally applicable colon drug delivery system based on chemically modified polysaccharides (CMP) as material for coating or matrix formation. The coatings will be enzymatically degradable by colonic microbiota, but not by human digestive enzymes and thus will enable drug release specifically in the colon.

Date:14 Apr 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Biodegradable polysaccharides, Drug delivery, colon targeted drug delivery
Disciplines:Pharmaceutical technology, Pharmacology not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project