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Crop water productivity and its modeling as a decision support tool for improved agricultural water management.

The planned research aims at (1) increasing the technical knowledge on sustainable water use in agriculture, (2) valorisering my PhD research with additional publications and at (3) applying the developed techniques of crop water productivity modeling to other ongoing research within the group (different crops and locations). For the latter purpose, the model AquaCrop from FAO will be used. The experience with the calibration of AquaCrop for the very drought resistant crop quinoa will facilitate this work for other crop-location combinations.
Date:1 Oct 2008  →  30 Sep 2009
Keywords:Agro-climatology, Crop water productivity modeling, Agricultural planning, Decision support, Water management, Drought stress, Food security, Deficit irrigation
Disciplines:Plant biology, Agricultural plant production, Horticultural production, Soil sciences, challenges and pollution , Agriculture, land and farm management, Agricultural animal production, Other agriculture, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences, Atmospheric sciences, Physical geography and environmental geoscience, Atmospheric sciences, challenges and pollution